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02. TMITSG Cropped

June 24, 2020


He stands in the dark, speaking into the phone. Though the curtains are drawn tight, an orange glow permeates the apartment. It comes from a wastepaper basket, a metal grid of stainless steel, now charred black by the burning documents. The hum from the device changes in pitch. Someone is speaking on the other side.

Finally, he responds. “Your lead has dried up. The value of it was one girl, not more.”

A pause as the hum returns and the other individual speaks to him. “We have leverage should she ever surface. That will suffice for now.”

Another pause, more pregnant. “What else do you have for me?”

He waits, listening close to the response as he takes a long drag of the cigarette in his hands. It is the one he used to light the fire.

“No matter,” he says after a time. “We will consolidate power then. Open up your channels. Find me something to exploit.”

A response follows, detailing an illicit relationship between government officials. The name Sanguino can be heard from the humming of the phone. “Very good.” He makes a final puff, the glow from the cigarette reflecting across the lines of his silver glasses.

The second name he’s given is Schulze. The address that follows is the first place he goes looking.

This story coincides with Book One of The Fool’s Journey, The Call of Magic, available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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