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A. Magic

June 19, 2020

Hills stand covered in lush, ordered green vines, surrounding rustic stone villages and massive estate houses.

The cascading slopes of the champagne region are known for their beauty. And yet, Emeline Andre will leave them behind.

They told her she was the first to be found, that oh-so-beautiful man who spoke to her in Portuguese. She had thought he was an investor. The champagne houses attracted many, those souls with too much money, looking for things to stuff their equity into.

The text came, a warning. They would leave in two hours. She should make her goodbyes, find a place of seclusion, and prepare to disappear. After the magic that he had shown her, she had no doubts that she would.

The strangest feeling comes over her with minutes to go. After saying goodbye to maman, she steps inside the woodshed, closing the door behind her. To her parents, she is on her way to the bus stop, to be whisked away to Lyon for a university summer program. No one should expect her.

But it is almost as if someone stands with her. She moves around the cabin as little as possible. It is tight and smells of tree sap and pine needles. But the impression is one that she cannot shake.

If she is honest with herself, when the Calling takes her, she feels a slight tug on her arm, a gentle touch.

Later, waiting in queue to enter a narrow stone tunnel, she finds a red hair on her sleeve.

This story coincides with Book One of The Fool’s Journey, The Call of Magic, available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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