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The Devil

June 28, 2020

They settle into the meeting table, slumped into the chairs from exhaustion.

It has been a long week and promises to be a long month. The Devil has spent days, end over end, checking the materiel they brought from this last Raid for malignant spell work, separating out those items that exhibited magical properties, assessing them with the Star, and grading them for valuation. It was the Devil’s primary focus back before Metentis Class. Then they were buried under sheer quantity.

The new leadership has different ideas, and so the Devil focuses on one discipline at a time. When the week is over, it is back to business, the moving and trading of those materials for profit. Within fifteen minutes, they realize they have a problem. The work week that passed them by has born consequences.

“All right, we’re in a world of shit now.” As Jenna Damico stares down at the subpoenas for the shell companies under her control, she reads the fine print. “All assets frozen.”

“God Jesus. They got one of mine, too,” Kirk Sundita utters, frustrated.

“And mine,” Jithu Chan whispers, his head almost touching the legal document as he reads.

A sigh rips from Jenna. “Well fuck. What is that?”

“Two percent of holdings,” Kirk says, the math coming to him in an instant.

“And how many of those companies have been used to move the new inventory?”

Jenna’s dark-lined eyes swivel upward, tracking the graceful lines of the Lucifer statue above them. “Three.”

Three. It is not coincidence.

This story coincides with Book One of The Fool’s Journey, The Call of Magic, available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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