How Can We Help?

Feel free to reach out to us with any question, comments, or feedback. Be sure to let us know exactly how we can help you.


If you're looking to submit a manuscript for consideration:

1. We require that you have run your manuscript through an editing program. We prefer ProWritingAide over other services like Grammarly for ease of use and functionality. The effort you make with that software will greatly increase your chances with any publishing company, including us.

Manuscripts that have not taken this minimum step will be rejected.

2. Contact us at publishing (at) quick and animus dot com. We'll be in touch to request A) your book blurb, B) your synopsis, and C) your excerpt.

3. In your message, indicate which services you're interested in:

  • Beta Reading
  • Editing (Developmental, Line, Proofing)
  • Art Design
  • Social Media Setup
  • Sales Channels
  • Digital Footprint and Website Design
  • Title Acquisition

Looking forward to hearing from you.


As a small shop, response times typically take 48-72 hours, but often longer depending on the amount of required work. We'll reach out as soon as we can and answer your inquiry.